Retro Owl Costume


Hoot Hoot be cute in this Retro Owl Halloween costume for women. It’s another creative DIY costume that’s easy to assemble when you visit our stores. Pair a brown sweater and skirt with a poncho. Use the poncho to create wings by applying electrical tape on the back, then cut 3/4 of the way up the poncho in the center of the tape, which will keep the fabric from fraying. Find fishnet tights and large round glasses in our Halloween shop. To make your glasses mimic owl eyes cut out paper circles that will fit in the glasses and glue feathers to the outside of the glasses. 

It's a Hoot Owl Costume

If you love vintage but are looking for something funky yet cute, try our Retro Owl costume. All it takes is a trip to our store to find costume accessories and more. And the low prices make them even more of a steal. Just fly on into our stores.

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Retro Owl Costume

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