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Stop and smell the poppies in this ultra-sweet and sophisticated women’s Halloween poppy costume. The black off-the shoulder dress top and red tulle layered skirt is topped off beautifully with an oversized bright red poppy hat. Pick this Halloween costume and more in store and express your inner thriftista by finding the totally goes with shoes, accessories, and the largest selection of quality wigs around.

Red and black oversized poppy hat (exclusive)
Black off the shoulder top dress with red layered tulle skirt (exclusive)

= #Hallowinning

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Woman wearing a Halloween poppy costume including an oversized red and black poppy flower hat and a black off-the-shoulder top dress with a red tulle layered skirt.

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Halloween shopping just got easier at Savers Australia! We are equipped to be your one stop shop for everything Halloween!It's Halloween madness, we have men’s Halloween costumes, women’s Halloween costumes, kid’s Halloween costumes, and pet Halloween costumes. It's all here when you check out a store near you!