Fab 50s Retro Gal

New + Thrifty

Be bop to the sock hop in this pink poodle skirt while channeling your inner Sandra Dee. To complete this fab 50s women’s retro Halloween costume, thrift away for pre-loved saddle shoes, a letterman jacket, or perhaps some cat-eye shades. Meow! Want to jump back or forth an era or so? Check out our Eras category page for more #Hallowinning inspiration.

Pink poodle skirt
Pink bob wig with bangs

Letterman jacket
Black and white striped shirt
Polka dot headband
Tulle scarf
Black and white bowling shoes
White socks
= #Hallowinning

Keep looking
Young lady in fab 50s retro pink poodle skirt with pink bob wig, letterman jacket, tulle scarf, and more mixing new & thrifty items for a #Hallowinning look.

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