Medieval Warrior Prince

NEW! Exclusive to Us

Brave, noble, and chivalrous, that’s you in this men’s Medieval Prince Warrior Halloween costume. Channeling a little Game of Thrones costume vibe, conquer kingdoms and courts alike, while capturing hearts wherever the night takes you. We have Medieval Warrior Princess costumes in store too.

Kit: Fur-like trimmed brown shoulder piece with cross-over chest straps and decorative waist belt (exclusive)
Long, spartan sword

Brown vest
Grey long-sleeve sweater
Brown arm cuffs
Brown tights
Brown boots
= #Hallowinning

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Valiant man in brown and grey medieval inspired Halloween costume kit with fur-like trimmed brown shoulder pieces, cross-over chest straps, and decorative waist belt carrying a large sword mixing new & thrifty items for a #Hallowinning look.

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