Tips & Advice For Donating

Donating goods done right

We proudly accept donations of gently used clothing and items on behalf
of our nonprofit partners, and we’ve got a few useful tips and reminders. 
Our partners even have helpful home pickup in many areas!

Savers accepts donations of used goods on behalf of nonprofits, and purchases those goods from the nonprofit, providing them with unrestricted revenue. Shopping at Savers does not directly benefit any nonprofit.

Pile up

Put items into yes, no and maybe piles. Donate the “no” items, and if you haven’t worn or used
the “maybe” items in recent months, donate them, too. Our nonprofit partners thank you!

pretty please

Do us and others a favor by pre-washing or cleaning your donated items.

Check your pockets

You may have left money or some cute person’s phone number!

Wrap it up

Please wrap fragile items in newspaper or old towels for safety.

Two’s a crowd

Got two of something and only need one? We’ll gladly take it.

Band together

Tie shoes together with a rubber
band, so they s
tay a happy couple. 

We'll take it!

We repurpose single socks and
tattered clothing into rags for insulation. 

It works great!

Please ensure the items you’re donating are in working condition.

Do you like it?

If not, why keep it? Donate it and make someone else very happy.

What’s it worth?

Ask yourself, “Does this have value in my
life now?” If not, consider donating it.


The biggest clutter areas are closets, toy bins, kitchen cabinets and garages.