How Your Donations Help

Your stuff is our hero

The impact your goods make touches lives in your community, reaches
developing nations abroad and keeps the planet healthy.

Savers accepts donations of used goods on behalf of nonprofits, and purchases those goods from the nonprofit, providing them with unrestricted revenue. Shopping at Savers does not directly benefit any nonprofit.

Helping the planet

We’re energized every day by the possibility of creating a better world through reuse. In fact, an entire division of our company is dedicated to recycling. We divert more than 317.5 million kilos of goods from landfills annually. That’s comparable to 3,000 Blue Whales’ worth of clothing and housewares!

Here's how:

  • Selling the donated items we purchase from our nonprofit partners in our stores
  • Partnering with recyclers who repurpose textiles as insulation and rags
  • Selling metals found in clothing and electronics for their raw value
  • Working with waste management companies to responsibly dispose of non-recyclable items

Helping local charitable organizations

Each of our stores supports local nonprofit organizations. These are partners that improve education, fight diseases and help children and families. Donations accepted at our stores or through our nonprofit partners turn into funding that fuels their programs and services. So take those clothes you never wear, that china you never use, the garage packed with stuff you don’t need, and transform all your reusable goods into support for nonprofits like these.

Helping the neighbourhood

The things you donate help the very neighbourhood you live in. By reusing and recycling locally, you're giving neighbours a chance to put great items to good use. 

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Helping the world

Goods we purchase from our nonprofit partners are sold, repurposed or recycled locally, as well as sold overseas so that small business owners can supply their local marketplaces. Providing items to developing nations also creates jobs, helping people earn a living wage and reinvest earnings into their local economy. We also employ a dedicated team to visit these marketplaces, so we can ensure we’re providing items they can really use. The map below shows exactly where our unsold merchandise goes. Learn about our impact